My Interests

Designing games

Drawing comic book type art(especially furry and anime art)

Playing computer games, especially Diablo

Playing Warhammer

Creating WarCraft II scenarios

Surfing the Net

Writing stories

Writing MODs and MIDIs

Talking to other people via MUCKs(FurryMUCK in particular)


My Various Aliases and Handles

Wouldn't you like to know!

My Favorite Links

The Tayledras Fan Club!
My RIFTS RPG Netbook, Wartech Industries. The Iridium system web site! My newest role playing game system!

The Star Wars Official Web Site!!!

The Star Wars Palladium Conversion Page!

Vox Draconis, a freeware fantasy RPG that I made

Timescape, a supplement for Vox Draconis

Dragonking, the Vox Draconis PBeM

My WarCraft II page

FurryMUCK - The actual MUCK(TELNET)

Lord Soth's Games on the Internet

The Games Domain

Artificial Life

Knightfall's Home Page (Knightfall as in the furry, not the comic)

The RuralEstate Network (Rural real estate)

The FurryMUCK Home Page

Gamelan (A great place for getting free Java applets)

Furry Artists List

Wildwolf's Home Page (Another of my furry friends)

A great furry artist, Ravenwolf

Another excellent furry artist, Loopy

My Art


Be sure to return to my page in the future, or else!

(Yeah, right.)

Farewell, my friends!
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