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Part 1: Introduction to Timescape

Part 2: The Second Plane: Chaos

Part 3: The Third Plane: Law


Timescape is a Vox Draconis setting in which the Rifts have been permanently torn open, and wizards have gained knowledge of chronomagic, or time magic. This knowledge is a threat and also an aid to the people of Vox Draconis. This manual will illustrate 2 new planes and their denizens, equipment lists, and other interesting accessories for Vox Draconis Timescape campaigns. You must own a copy of the Vox Draconis Basic Rules.


Section A: Description

The Plane of Chaos is an exact copy of Vox Draconis's Plane of Law, except it is dark and evil. All creatures that live on this plane are evil and will destroy all intruders from the Plane of Law. All of the monsters of Vox Draconis's Neutral Zone originated from this plane.

Section B: New Monster List

Daemon King: 1d6*10 dmg., 1d6*10 HP, AC -3

Dragon, Chaos: 5d6+2 dmg., 4d6 HP, AC 1

Golem, Sand: 2d6 dmg., 2d6 HP, AC 9 Note: Sand Golems can only be hit with magic weapons.

Golem, Stone: 3d6 dmg., 2d6+10 HP, AC -3

Harrier: 4d6 dmg., 3d6-2 HP, AC 5

Section C: Equipment List


Obsidian Bonecrusher Mace ( 5d6 )..130 wc

Whip of Evil( 4d6+Poison( 2d6 )).....150 wc

Thunder Axe( 3d6+5 ).......................110 wc

Armor & Shields

Obsidian Firespawn Armor( AC -1 ).350 wc

Armor of Total Evil ( AC -2 )............400 wc

Obsidian Firespawn Shield( AC+5 ).300 wc

Other Equipment

Amulet of Evil( Destroys Good)........200 wc

Section D: New Races

Demon Elf: Demon Elves are also called half-demons. They are usually evil. Demon Elves gain a +3 to Magical Ability, a +3 to Strength, and a -8 to Charisma.

Dark One: Dark Ones, or Harriers, are half human, part falcon, and part wolf. They can track any prey, no matter how faint the trail. They gain a +1 to Agility, a +4 to Perception, and a -3 to Charisma, as well as flight.

Section E: New Classes

Temporal Mage: This wizard has the ability to travel through time. See Section F. They have 2d6 LP. They use only chronomagic, and can use any weapons. They always have a staff handy for casting Time Teleport.

Section F: New Spells

Time Teleport: Base Chance - 10%, 5 Spell Points

Teleports the caster up to 100 years beyond his present time. This spell requires a Time Gate to be opened using a staff moved in a circular motion.

Time Duplicate: Base Chance - 5%, 10 Spell Points

Time Duplicate lets the Time Mage create a duplicate of him/herself in a different time. This is useful in dangerous situations.

Advanced Time Teleport: Base Chance 5%, 15 Spell Points

This spell teleports the spell's target to any time.


Section A: Description

The Plane of Law is a plane of complete order. It is very difficult for inhabitants of other planes to live here, because here no one has different thoughts. No monsters live here, only humanoid creatures called Robots that cannot think for themselves. There is no day or night, just an eternal darkness. This plane is considered more dangerous than any other plane, except the Plane of Evil.

Section B: New Monster List

There aren't any monsters in the Plane of Law.

Section C: Equipment List

No new equipment.

Section D: New Races

Robot: Robots controlled by players are assumed to have escaped the Plane of Law and gained an independent mind. They have a +5 to Perception, but they are completely blind, since they don't even have eyes. They use their other senses at superhuman levels. Robots have black skin and are bald. They tend to become good-aligned when they leave the Plane of Law, and try to right wrongs.

Section E: New Classes

There are no new classes from the Plane of Law.

Section F: New Spells



YH# = Year of History

YH1: The first dinosaurs appeared.

YH129: True humans appeared.

YH200: The other humanoid races appeared.

YH219: All of Desova's kingdoms are in place.

YH250: Dreguar and Turon begin a war: The Stone War.

YH258: The Stone War ends.

YH298: Lord Turosi, heir to Lord Turon, is born.

YH329: Lord Turosi takes over Turon.

YH340: The Second Stone War begins between Turon and Dreguar.

YH345: The Second Stone War ends.

YH389: Tension builds between Turon and Dreguar.

YH392: The Third Stone War begins.

YH400: The Third Stone War ends with the destruction of Dragon Castle.

YH429: Turosi II finds the ruins of Dragon Castle.

YH467: Emperor Turosi II has built up a massive empire, with the capital being

Dragon Castle, which has been rebuilt.

YH469: Emperor Turosi II dies, and is replaced by his son, Emperor Turosi III.

YH489: The Turosi empire collapses when Turosi III is killed in battle against the

Gargoyle King.

YH500: The invention of gunpowder.

YH540: The invention of steam engines.

YH592: The invention of submarines.

YH629: The invention of nuclear power.

YH632: The invention of nuclear weapons.

YH637: The last of the dinosaurs dies out. Raptor riders and raptorians become legend.

YH642: Dreguar is attacked by Lystak.

YH643: Desertania, capital of Dreguar, falls to Lystakian forces.

YH644: Dreguar becomes part of the Lystakian Empire.

YH656: Barduche becomes part of the Lystakian Empire.

YH673: The Lystakian Empire achieves world domination.

YH702: Rifts open up all over Desova because of the Archmage's failed

experiments with interdimensional travel. Chaos reigns.

YH703: The Archmage is killed while trying to close the rifts. He succeeded.

YH712: The former kingdom of Dreguar reappears as a republic.

YH723: Barduche reforms as the Eastern Kingdom.

YH760: "Power Cores" replace atomic energy.

YH829: Space travel is achieved.

YH840: The first humanoid on Tris'Dai (Desova's moon).

YH923: The Dreguarian Republic and the Eastern Kingdom work together to

build the faster-than-light(FTL) drive.

YH1029: The FTL drive is used to travel to the world of Trevilik.

YH1049: Trevilik is colonized.

YH1209: The Trevilikian colony rebels.

YH1586: Trevilik has become the center of the Hijus Empire.

Desova is the heart of the Rejuuk Empire.

YH1792: The two empires unite to form the Rijuus Republic.

YH2003: The Rijuus Republic gains control of the entire galaxy.

YH9010: Desova's sun goes supernova, destroying the Desova system and

creating a massive black hole.

YH9928: Trevilik's sun goes supernova. Trevilik is destroyed.

YH10299: The Rijuus Republic collapses. Anarchy abounds.

YH19099: Chaos subsides as the Neorepublic rises.

YH20000: A massive multiple supernova in the core of the galaxy causes

the galaxy to separate. No changes in its makeup shows yet.

YH21093: The galaxy has split into four smaller ones.

YH21399: FTL drive technology is lost, isolating each of the colonized worlds(there

were 38947).

YH22000: Technology reverts to that of the YH400 on 29483 of the worlds.

YH22389: New Desova becomes almost identical to YH439 Desova.

YH22739: Most of the advanced technologies, including gunpowder, become legend.