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Budding Heroes in VD

Jaedis Shadae, Human Dragon Rider
Jaden Imgris, Human Dragonoid
Yaralissa Cori-tallis, Grey Elf Firemage
Khanduras Mosswines, Cave Elf Raptor Rider
Tinder RockHammer, Dwarf Thief
Note: These portraits are taken from TSR's Dragonlance art, and

are copyright of said company.

The Adventure - Info

The last attempt by the Turonian army to conquer the nation of Barduche

failed. However, it also cost the Barduchan army dearly, and someone has

decided to take advantage of that fact. This man, Arthos Javen, is a

master of dragons. He commands a force of renegade dragon riders, and

is bent on conquering both Turon and its weakened enemy, Barduche.

Now, while the fall of Turon would be advantageous to the rest of the

world, Arthos cannot be allowed to take Barduche. The armies sent against

him have all been destroyed. The High King of Barduche feels that a

small party would have better luck at eliminating Arthos than the largest

army. The fact that the Necromancer Ithrix and his Dread Knights have

signed a pact with Arthos further defines the Dragonking's ambitions.

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