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*** Welcome to the Tayledras Fan Club! ***


Note: all material on this web site is based on the Tayledras, and therefore
copyright of Mercedes Lackey, 1997. The author of this web site respects Mercedes
Lackey's position against "floating fan fiction" and supports it fully. No fan fiction
contained herein can be uploaded to any other web site, BBS, or other Internet
location, and cannot be distributed or altered without both the author's AND
Mercedes Lackey's express permission.

What is this place?

    This is the Tayledras Fan Club web site.

Um, great. What is the Tayledras Fan Club?

    The TFC is a club devoted entirely to the Tayledras from Mercedes Lackey's Heralds of Valdemar books.

What can I find here?

    Fan fiction, information about the Tayledras, information about the club and how to join, and a couple of projects.

What's so great about joining?

    As a nonmember, you can view the information, stories, etc. freely, but only members can actually submit things. Also, only the members can participate in the projects.

Sounds good! How do I join?

    To join, click on this link, close your eyes, and be imaginative. Tayledras Profile Form
It's free to join, and there are NO dues. The only thing asked of members is that they participate in various club activities, including the projects.

What ARE these projects?

   Project Number One: The Tayledras Language Project. As time passes, all members will be contributing to the construction of a complete Tayledras language. Some members will do more than others, but ALL members will contribute at least one word.

   Project Number Two: The Tayledras Clan Project. All members of the Tayledras Fan Club will also be members of a simulated Tayledras Clan. This Clan, Clan K'ryss, will replicate the goings-on of a "real" Tayledras Clan exactly. Members will take use-names, which will be used in place of their real names. The first 5 members will also become Elders, to participate in the Clan Council. Also, some of the fan fiction will be based on this Clan.

The Tayledras Archive

Part One: Fan Fiction

Part Two: Information About the Tayledras

Part Three: The Tayledras Language

Clan K'ryss

The Elders' Profiles
The Mages' Profiles
The Scouts' Profiles
The Healers' Profiles
Kyree, Hertasi, other's Profiles

The Tayledras language
Information about the Tayledras
The Origins of the Tayledras
Fan Fiction

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